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It's freeware. The player for UVF films itself is lightweight, compatible with all Windows systems, and requires no installation. Supports drag&drop.

Внешний вид uvPlayer

Command line's format:

uvPlayer.exe "FileName.uvf" [-size {FULLSCREEN|MAX|MIN|{w h}} [-pos {C|{{L|R|x} {T|B|y}}}]] [-segm N] [-closeonfinish]

fullscreen - fullscreen (without control panel)
max - maximal size
min - minimal size (600 x 400)
w h - Width Height
C - Center of Screen
L - Left align
R - Right align
x - offset from left side in pixels
T - Top align
B - Bottom align
y - offset from top side in pixels
N - Segment Number - start playing from N segment
CloseOnFinish - Close the player when finished


uvPlayer.exe "FileName.uvf" -size 800 600 -pos c -segm 2 -closeonfinish

It means:

  • Play FileName.uvf
  • with 800 x 600 player's size
  • in the center of screen
  • start from second segment
  • close player when finished


Copyright (c) Yury Vyrovschikov