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Author   [22.01.07 12:53:38]

What version of the program do you use? What video card and processor do you have?
Krosik   [22.01.07 3:39:48]

It\'s a good tool, with good export format, only big problem is that it bad handle with processor time and when I try record some application with high priority, then this application is slow or freeze until I stop recording...
Author   [18.10.06 14:04:54]

Mayra   [17.10.06 18:43:57]

how do we resgister? :|
volot   [13.10.06 12:27:22]

hi mr. youry can we get in touch finally? your cell phone is absent (ps. site looks nice :-))
DC Brouse   [02.04.06 11:20:53]

Your software is listed in wikipedia as freeware. To find this go to "Screencast" in wikipedia and scroll to the bottom. If this is true, I am confused by the prices listed on your website for your products. If this is not true, you may want to change it on Wikipedia (unless the misinformation helps you in some way.) Thanks

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