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Using UVScreenCamera you can easily create animated demo or tutorials by recording your computer's desktop activity, including all mouse movements, window graphics, mouse clicks and everything else you see on screen.

Recorded clips are stored into UVF, EXE, SWF or AVI movie files, streaming just 30 to 400 KB per minute.


1. Run UVScreenCamera
2. Show everything that you want user to see
3. Stop UVScreenCamera
4. Save your film as UVF, EXE, AVI, SWF, FLV, GIF-animation

UVScreenCamera is powerful in making movies to design manuals, presentation documents, help files, web pages and many many more. Include product demonstrations on your Web site to present your software to more potential customers, train your staff, or provide technical support to your customers. Making demo-movies with UVScreenCamera is interesting and easy. Save time, enhance your communications, and illustrate your ideas with this easy-to-use software solution.

UVScreenCamera's main window

UVScreenCamera includes a powerfull notes editor. You can annotate recorded movies with text boxes and sticky notes.

Visualization of mouse's clicks and keyboard keys pressing (hotkeys and accelerators)

Left button with Shift Middle button double click Left button triple click Keyboard buttons combination

Example created by UVScreenCamera

UVScreenCamera's features:

  • High level of video compression without any losses of quality
  • High quality of video
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Visualization of mouse's clicks and keyboard keys pressing (hotkeys and accelerators)
  • Supporting Windows 9x / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Seven

    New features:

  • Video editor
  • New export into SWF
  • Export into FLV
  • Export into GIF-animation
  • Import of Wav and mp3 files
  • Drawing on the screen during recording
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • GIF-animation editor
  • New languages (Spanish, Swedish, Serbian)
  • Visualization of double(triple) mouse clicks

    UVScreenCamera is a useful screen capture application that allows users to execute following tasks:

  • saving the content of the screen or any screen region
  • copying the screen of a favourite game
  • saving great picture from the Internet
  • making graphic copies of the diagrams

    You can record 3D games into AVI directly.

    The recording module is extremely easy to use. You will be able to make films in 5 minutes after start. Creating films with UVScreenCamera is interesting and easy process. SWF, AVI, GIF-animation films may be published on the web pages.

    We offer free UVScreenCamera registrations for your help in translation to your language. If you are interested in this offer, please download Lang.ini and contact us at

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